Waspadalah! Scammer Berpura-pura Jadi Muslim Ingin Menyumbang Panti Asuhan

Victoria-Facebook PENIPU NGAKU ARAB

Berbagai cara dilakukan oleh scammers untuk menipu kita. Salah satunya berpura pura menjadi muslim yang ingin menyumbang panti asuhan. Mungkin mereka tahu di Indonesia penduduknya mayoritas muslim.

Seorang teman saya tertipu lumayan banyak karena dikira orang Arab yang dikenalnya di Facebook mau menyumbang fakir miskin di Indonesia, ngga tahunya scammer dan malah uang dia yang melayang.

Seperti tadi siang, seorang teman FB yang saya panggil si akang, mendapat pesan dari seorang wanita bernama Victoria Rasheed. Tak lupa dilampirkan link Facebook si cewek itu. Sayangnya si akang keburu kesal, si scammer langsung dimaki maki.

Begitu saya buka ternyata si scammer ini memakai photo HH Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum. Chairman of Dubai Airport UAE tapi di Facebook bernama Victoria Rasheed. Lagi mana ada nama wanita Arab Victoria.

Lalu user namenya di FB – fanspunk.indonesia. Bisa saja scammers ini memberi tanda bahwa Facebook dengan ID Victoria Rasheed buat nipu orang Indonesia atau scammernya kerja sama dengan orang Indonesia.Wallahualam.

Inilah isi pesan si scammer yang membawa nama Allah untuk meyakinkan calon korbannya.

Assalamu Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaahi wa barakatu’ My Muslim greetings to you in the name of Allah, who made it possible for me to be in contact with you this day, the Author and the Finisher of our faith. I was doing a Random searching in Muslims that are helping the poor Children in Asia then i came across your contact .My name is Mrs Victoria Rasheed .

I was married to Dr.Sule Rasheed, a libyan Citizen but we are based in UK. who died of symptoms from HIV/AIDS Virus on 20th June 2012 Last Year. We were both married for 13 years without any child.His death occurred after an opportunistic illness that lasted for only 8 days, he was my whole life and everything i lived and cared for, but that was how Allah wanted it, may his soul be in the hands of Allah. Before his death We loved each other so much though we were childless. At the last war that killed our former president Muammar Gaddafi,I lost my family during the war in my country.

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After the death of my husband,i also tested HIV positive and have been on Anti-retrovirus drugs ever since. Last week i ran another test and my doctor confirmed that my case has gone worse,that i might not be able to live longer, When my late husband was alive we saved up to a total amount of (US$6.7million ) 250 Kilos Of Gold, which we had proposed for Establishment and Development of Orphanage/Charity Organization but death is threatening not to allow me see the vision alive.

Though i do not know anything about you but with a heart filled with sincerity and honesty,i wish to bequeath this fund to you so that you can assist me to see this vision alive even if i die any time from now.(FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF ORPHANAGE HOME, FOOD PANTRIES, CLOTHES Financial and Security FOR DISTRIBUTIONS FOR THE POOR IN THE WORLD). Having known my present health condition I decided to make the donation of this funds to you or any less privileged individuals who can in real honesty utilize this Fund the way I stated here . My husband families are very heartless I mean all their brothers are weak , some of their People in some part of North Africa, and Turkey are not honest at all,especially Libyan Citizen’s,so i do not want to take the risk of giving out my late husbands fund to any of them around me. My Quran made me to understand that Blessed is the hand that give than the one that receive.

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This decision was taken because I don’t have any child that will inherit this fund and Libyan people are greedy and untruthful people, I wouldn’t want my late husbands and mine efforts to be used by unbelievers and greedy individuals for selfish and ungodly purposes, i do not want a situation where this Fund will be in the hands of ungodly persons.If you are to be trust worthy and legally fit for this PROJECT OFFER, i will offer to you 30% of the fund for you and your family, then you INVEST the rest in the ORPHANAGE HOME PROJECT as earlier said. Remain Blessed may Allah Always guide and protect you. Yours in Muslim,Sister. Victoria Rasheed

Kalau diperhatikan isi pesan itu ngga masuk diakal “ too good to be true” namun yang bikin saya geram sebagai muslim, si scammer membawa bawa nama Allah dan Al Quran. Untuk itu saya berniat ngerjain nih scammer. Saya kirim pesan bahwa saya berminat menampung sumbangan dari milyuner Victoria Rasheed. Prett!!

Waspadalah teman teman semua, jangan terkecoh karena scammers sekarang sudah jarang pakai photo bule. Biar lebih meyakinkan calon korbannya, mereka pakai photo orang orang Arab.

Salam waspada,

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